Inspection and Testing

Electacourse has a complete range of exam practice material to help electricians and students succeed in your sit-down (ie. not practical) Inspection and Testing exams.

Inspection and Testing has three exams 1: Multiple choice (including scenarios), 2: Written questions, and 3: Practical Assessment. These exams can be held at two levels – Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection & Testing:

  1. Initial Verification (2391-50)
  2. Periodic Inspection & Testing (2391-51
  3. Combined Inspection & Testing (2391-52) – this level is a combination of 2391-50 and 2391-52
2391-50 and 2391-51 are typically taken by students at college as they work towards their NVQ and qualification as an electrician.
2391-52 is often studied by qualified electricians or other skilled staff, who want to bring themselves up to date with Inspection and Testing regulations and practice.

Exam Practice


All our Inspection and Testing exam practice material includes a short course with tips and techniques for exam success.

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