Inspection and Testing

2391 Exam Practice

Electacourse have a complete range of exam practice material for City & Guilds 2391.

2391 has two levels: 2391-50 Initial Verification and 2391-51 Periodic Inspection. But, if you are planning to be a fully qualified electrician you will be taking the combined exams: 2391-52 Inspection and Testing (nearly all our customers are doing 2391-52).

To qualify in 2391-52 you need to pass two exams and a practical assessment:

  • Exam 1 : 2391-52 Multiple Choice (60 multiple choice questions on eVolve system, to be completed in 120 minutes). C&G reference: 2391-052
  • Exam 2: 2391-52 Written Assessment (4 long answer questions including scenario, to be taken on the day you do your practical assessment). C&G reference: 2391-502

Great Value Bundle Pack

Includes all 2391-52 Exam Practice questions: Multiple Choice Online Practice AND Written Assessment Questions. 

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