Inspection and Testing

Inspection & Testing Online Course + 2 Day centre exam

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  • You can take up to a year to complete the online learning with unlimited access to the E-learning Course
  • Covers complete content of Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing, 8th Edition*
  • Unique Electrical Installation Certificate Step-by-Step guide
  • Testing videos – a visual guide to inspection and testing
  • Exam Simulator for the online multiple-choice test
  • Final Test (mock test) – a final test simulation that is as close to the real test as legally possible prior to the 2 Day Exam
  • Dedicated tutor support via e-mail and telephone (24 Hours Notice)
  • C&G 2391-52 exams at our Isleworth Exam partner centre
  • Free short course with tips and techniques for exam success
We recommend that while you are studying for the course and exam you gather as much on-site experience as you can to further familiarise yourself with the day-to-day requirements of inspection and testing.

Exam Practice for customers taking their exams elsewhere

Electacourse has a complete range of exam practice material to help electricians and students succeed in your sit-down (ie. not practical) Inspection and Testing exams.

Inspection and Testing has three exams 1: Multiple choice (including scenarios), 2: Written questions, and 3: Practical Assessment. These exams can be held at two levels – Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection & Testing:

  1. Initial Verification (2391-50)
  2. Periodic Inspection & Testing (2391-51
  3. Combined Inspection & Testing (2391-52) – this level is a combination of 2391-50 and 2391-52
2391-50 and 2391-51 are typically taken by students at college as they work towards their NVQ and qualification as an electrician.
2391-52 is often studied by qualified electricians or other skilled staff, who want to bring themselves up to date with Inspection and Testing regulations and practice.

All our Inspection and Testing exam practice material includes a short course with tips and techniques for exam success.

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There are four (4) individual exams that you must undertake successfully to graduate with this qualification.

All assessments are graded Pass/Fail only. Should a candidate fail any task criteria (Task-A, B or C) only that one task(s) has to be retaken after a period of re-training.

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Note: You must work safely and in accordance with all current health and safety guidelines. Failure to follow safe practices will result in the assessment being terminated by your assessor.

2391-052 – Exam Online multiple-choice test

Invigilated at our centre

Open Book (non-programmable scientific calculator

GN3 and BS 7671 allowed)

60 Questions

120 Minute

2391-501 – Assignment Part A

30-minute visual inspection (Closed Book)

2391-501 – Assignment Part B

5 hour Combined Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection of an installation

non-programmable scientific calculator

GN3 and BS 7671 allowed but only to verify compliances

2391-501 – Assignment Part C

1 hour 20-minute short answer paper – Open Book

non-programmable scientific calculator,

BS7671, IET On-site Guide and/or IET Guidance Note 3 allowed

Candidates who successfully complete all aspects of the course will receive the City & Guilds 2391-52 Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing. Accreditation No: 603/1275/0


The following Books are required for the theory course and open book exams

Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing, 8th Edition – ISBN 978-1785614521

IET On-Site Guide (BS7671:2018, 7th Edition) – ISBN 978-1785614422

IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition (Blue) – ISBN 978-1785611704


It is expected that you 

  • have completed formal education and training in electrical installations – probably gained at an FE College
  • are an experienced electrical worker with practical experience under supervision, of inspection and testing of electrical installations 
  • have some understanding of 3-Phase 415 V systems
  • are over the age of 18
  • have a good understanding of the IET Electrical Wiring Regulations, BS 7671-2018, and will have passed the 2382-18 exam before taking the Inspection & Testing exams

As you’re a practicing electrician, you should have access to and be familiar with using your own test equipment. Make sure the meter(s) are calibrated and capable of carrying out 18th Edition tests.

You will be required to have your up to date calibration certificates before coming to the exam.

Bring your own VDE/1000V rated Insulated Screwdriver Set containing, as a minimum, a Philips 2, a 4mm slotted, and a terminal driver.

Test equipment/hand tools can be provided but we strongly advise you to use your own equipment.

This course is for experienced electrical workers and domestic installers:

  • that aim to improve and update their knowledge and application of inspection and testing.
  • who are looking to improve their career prospects who require proof of competency or certification in this important area of their work, and those working towards ‘Qualified Supervisor’ status, the new requirement for the Part P scheme should also consider this course.
  • planning to apply for ‘Approved Electrician’ grading with the JIB, you will need to achieve the 2391-52.

This course is delivered by Experienced Electricians who already know how to inspect, test and complete relevant certification forms.

Candidates will require:

  • Suitable safety footwear and safety glasses for practical training/assessments
  • Pen, paper and non-programmable scientific calculator (Mobile phones are not permitted)
  • Photo I.D. such as passport, driving licence or company ID card (you will not be allowed to sit the examination without this)
  • IET Wiring Regulations BS7671:2018 – latest edition with Amendment 1
  • Guidance Note 3: Inspection & Testing (Blue copy 18th Edition)
  • On-Site Guide BS7671:2018 Wiring Regulations (Blue copy 18th Edition)
  • Your test instruments and calibration certificates

Once you have successfully completed and passed the FINAL MOCK EXAM we will give you access to an exam booking form. You will be able to indicate a date range for your 2 Day exams.

We will call or email you to make final arrangements.

To access the Free 1st Resit of Any Exam, you must complete a barrier test and be approved for the exam by the qualified trainer and assessor.

Online Course – You must complete the final online exam and present this test to be approved for the exam by our qualified trainer and assessor. Your online practice exam result must be greater than 80%.

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