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AM2 Assessment Prep

Through a comprehensive series of  over 45 video lessons and 500 practice test questions the AM2 Online Preparation is an essential resource for anyone approaching their AM2 Assessment.

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AM2 Preparation Content Overview

Section A1 – AM2 Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Sections & Circuit Descriptions
  3. Risk Assessment

Section A1 – Safe Isolation

  1. Safe Isolation

Section A – Installation

  1. Ring Final 1st Fix
  2. Ring Final Connections
  3. External Socket Wiring Options
  4. Lighting 1st Fix
  5. 1st Switch – 2 Way Connections
  6. Intermediate Connections
  7. 2nd Switch – 2 Way Connections
  8. SY Glanding
  9. SY Install
  10. D.O.L. Control Connections
  11. D.O.L. Overload Settings
  12. SWA Glanding
  13. SWA Install
  14. 16A Commando Socket Connections
  15. SWA Glanding Options
  16. Bonding Installation
  17. Bonding Terminations
  18. FP200 1st Fix
  19. FP200 Connections
  20. Heating/Hot Water Overview
  21. Heating/Hot Water Installation
  22. Heating/Hot Water Connections
  23. Data Installation
  24. Data Connections
  25. DB 2nd Fix

Section B – Inspection & Testing

  1. Continuity of Protective Conductors
  2. Final Ring Continuity
  3. Insulation Resistance
  4. Polarity (Dead & Live)
  5. Ze v PFC
  6. Zs
  7. RCD Test
  8. Phase Sequence Test
  9. Electrical Installation Certificate

Section C+C1 – Fault Finding

  1. General Fault Finding
  2. Fault Finding Bonding Conductor
  3. Fault Finding FP200
  4. Fault Finding Lighting
  5. Fault Finding Ring Main
  6. Fault Finding Motor Circuit
  7. Fault Finding Data
  8. Fault Finding Heating


  1. AM2-S

Common Errors and practice tests

  1. Candidate Common Errors
  2. Section D – Multi Choice Exams
  3. Revision Test Health & Safety
  4. Revision Test Building Regulations
  5. Revision Test BS7671 Wiring Regulations
  6. AM2 Online Test

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