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EET Testing Course

Electrical Equipment Testing (EET) is a valuable skill for electricians and others involved in ensuring electrical equipment is maintained in a safe condition. Previously known as PAT Testing, EET has expanded the scope of testing to include some types of equipment which previously fell into a gap between Electrical Installation Testing and Portable Appliance, equipment such as Hand Dryers.

If you are already a qualified electrician you can earn extra income as a competent EET Tester. If you are not an electrician, then the Electacourse Online EET Testing Course gives you an understanding of the requirements for EET Testing.

The Electacourse Online EET Testing Course follows the recommendations of the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (5th Edition). A person undertaking EET testing must comply with this and have an understanding of the modes of electrical, mechanical or thermal damage to electrical equipment and appliances and their flexes which may be encountered in a work environment.

The course includes training to understand the identification of equipment and appliance types and to determine the test procedures and frequency of inspection and testing. Included is an introduction to the test instruments used and critically, understanding how to manage and assess risk associated with electrical equipment and appliances.

On completion of this course you will

  • Understand the scope and limitations of EET testing
  • Recognise the difference between different electrical equipment
  • Know the stages of EET Testing and when to use test instruments
  • Know about record keeping, risk assessment and test frequencies

At the end of the course you can practice your understanding with hundreds of questions from our database and take an online certificate test. On succesfully passing the certificate test, you will be issued with an Electacourse Certificate of Achievement. Note – this course is not accredited by City & Guilds. It is not a requirement for a EET Tester to be City & Guilds qualified, it is required that you can demonstrate competency in EET testing.

Who is this product for?

Anyone thinking of starting out as a EET Tester.  Anyone responsible for facilities management in a business and needs an overview of PAT Testing. Anyone involved in the sale of second-hand electrical equipment.

Up to date

Up to date to the current edition of Code of Practice for the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 5th Edition

What next?

Take the 2377-22 Exam and qualify as a EET Tester


EET Testing Online Course

Course plan

  • Understanding electrical hazards and the role of EET Testing
  • Types of equipment
  • Management of risk
  • How to undertake electrical equipment testing
  • Record keeping and labelling
  • Practice and Certificate tests

Study time

We estimate the course will take you about 8 hours of study. Course to be completed in 6 months.

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