Great Electrical Quiz 2021

Click the ‘START TEST’ button to go to the quiz. The Quiz is 50 questions randomly chosen from the database. Once you have completed the Quiz, post your result to the Leaderboard. The Quiz closes on 2nd January. Electacourse will then contact the top three on the Leaderboard and and in order, donate £150, £75 and £25 to your choice of charities. The donations will be in your names. Plus for No. 1, if you don’t already have the 18th Edition, we will enrol you free (including exam). You can redo the Quiz as many times as you like to get yourself up the Leaderboard.

You might want to have some reference material to hand. IET Wiring Regs BS7671, Guidance Notes 3, Electricians Guide to Building Regs and your basic electrical practical and theoretical (including maths for electricians!) knowledge.

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