How to download my files?

Electacourse download products are supplied either as computer programs or PDF documents

You must download your purchase within 30 days of order.

After 30 days or after three downloads, the download link expires. It is with regret we have had to put these restrictions into place, some customers were taking advantage of unlimited downloading.

Exam Simulators

All Electacourse exam simulators are programs coded for Windows or MAC computers only, they will not run on iPads, Android tablets or ChromeBooks.

Do not run the exam simulator in the browser

DO NOTrun’ or ‘open’ from the download link, you need to ‘SAVE’ the files.

What about viruses?

Your PC or Apple computer may warn you not to download the exam simulators. As they are programs your computer suspects them of carrying a virus.


How to Download – Windows PC

Follow these instructions
INSTRUCTIONS LINK: Windows – using Google Chrome

If asked, select the option which allows you to download the file.

If you have already downloaded choose the option to run the progam.

If you are using another browser, the download steps are very similar to those used by Chrome

INSTRUCTIONS LINK: Windows – using Internet Explorer

How to Download Apple MAC computer

Instructions link: Apple MAC – using Safari

Your Apple MAC computer may have a security setting which prevents you from downloading applications.

You will need to go to your systems security settings to allow downloads.

Please ensure you save the downloaded Exam Simulator to a KNOWN location on your hard drive, such as ‘my documents’ or desktop’

All other browsers have similiar methods

The University of Wisconsin has a useful web page showing the steps to change the security setting on your MAC to save and install safe applications

PDF Documents

Click on the download link. All browsers support PDF. The file will load directly into your browser.

VERY IMPORTANT – Once the file has loaded into your browser, use the browser controls (or Right-Click your mouse) and save the file to your preferred location on your computer. Next time you want to view your PDF document, click on the file from the location where you saved it on your computer.

Only click on the download link again if you are sure your file has not been downloaded. The download link will only allow you to click on it 3 times before it expires.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide for PDF downloads on PC for Chrome users

Here is a YouTube video for PDF Downloads to iPad or iPhone.

Please ensure you save the PDF documents to a KNOWN location on your hard drive, such as ‘my documents’ or ‘desktop’