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Courses and Qualifications

Are you associated with City & Guilds or the IET?

No, although members of our staff and our tutors are members of IET and/or are City & Guilds qualified. All products and services offered on this website are the products and services of Electacourse and are in no way authorised, approved, endorsed by, or associated with City & Guilds or any other body.

I have no previous experience. Will this be a problem?

Just as long as you have an interest, enthusiasm and a desire to learn, that’s all you’ll need. Our material can provide you with the information you need for certain courses, even if you are a beginner. Many courses have no pre-qualification requirements but please bear in mind that you may require practical training for certain qualifications, particularly certain electrical qualifications such as Inspection and Testing.

I haven’t studied for many years, do your courses allow for people like me?

Returning to formal study at a college may present a problem. However, our courses are designed for home study at your own pace, making them ideal for people who haven’t studied for a while.

Will I receive a recognised qualification?

Yes, on successfully passing your exam. When you feel ready to do so, you can book in to an approved exam centre to sit your exam. As long as you pass at an approved examination centre, then you will receive a recognised qualification for that exam and a certificate from the relevant examination body. Electacourse include City & Guilds exams in our 17th Edition course. For all other courses, you are able to make your own examination arrangements.

Are your courses accredited?

Our courses are geared towards accredited qualifications such as NVQ or City & Guilds. Examinations are sat at an approved examination centre and upon passing you will receive a fully accredited qualification. We do not provide accreditation ourselves.

Do you provide tutor support?

We do not provide direct tutor support as it would increase the cost of the courses dramatically – compare our prices! All our courses are designed for study at home, with no time constraints or pressure. However if you have a particular difficulty we will do our best to help, please contact us using the form.

Where can I sit my exams?

Electacourse have exam partners around the UK who work with us for courses which include City & Guilds 2382-15 (17th Edition) exams. You can find details of our exam partners using this link – Electacourse exam partners
If you are purchasing material which does not include the exams, then you may be able to sit exams at your local FE college.

When will I get my certificate?

If you are doing the 17th Edition Course with us the course completes with you taking the City & Guilds 2382-15 exam at one of our exam partner centres.

On successful passing of the exam (getting a score 60% or more), your result is passed automatically to City & Guilds for them to process the certificate.

Generally City & Guilds can be relied on to supply the certificate in up to 15 working days. Our exam partner will then send the certificate by Signed-For 1st Class Royal Mail to you. However it has been known for City &  Guilds to be slower this in turning round the certificates and unfortunately sometimes it can take quite a bit longer than 15 days.

Neither Electacourse nor our exam partners are able to make City & Guilds rush individual certificates.

Please consider the time delay involved with certificate turn around when you make your exam registration. Do not rely on the certificate arriving quickly – ie for a job or other requirement.


Ordering and Returns

Can I order by phone?

Yes you can. If you are uncomfortable with purchasing online, you can order on the phone by calling Electacourse on 07709031920 or use the Contact Form to tell us your telephone number and we will call you back.

Electacourse do not store debit or credit card information. All phone orders are processed by Electacourse through the secure service offered by Paypal.

Stripe – Who are they?

Stripe is the company Electacourse use to manage payments for products ordered from this website. Stripe is an industry leading payment provider. All transactions are encrypted to the highest level AES-256 standard.

At checkout you can choose to use your debit or credit card to make a payment. There is no charge to you when making your debit or credit card paymanet.

You will notice that your credit card statement will show you having made a payment to Clayton Partners Ltd. This is OK. Electacourse is owned and managed by Clayton Partners Ltd.

If you prefer to pay by phone, please call Electacourse on 07709031920 or use the Contact Form to tell us your telephone number and we will call you back.

Clayton Partners – Who are they?

Clayton Partners Ltd is the company which owns Electacourse. All payments for Electacourse products will be made to Clayton Partners Ltd. You will see their details come up when you receive emails from Stripe or Paypal. You can communicate with Clayton Partners by using the Contact Form on the Electacourse website.

Clayton Partners Ltd

Address: The White House, Hunston, Chichester, PO20 1PD

Company number: 08220179.

VAT number: GB150347240

Why is there ‘Tax’ on my purchase?

We have to charge the standard rate of UK VAT on all our products. This is presently 20% and shows up as ‘Tax’ or ‘VAT’ at the checkout. This amount goes to the UK government rather than us.

Is your site secure?

Yes, we use Stripe to process all payments. Stripe have over 100 Million accounts and use the highest levels of encryption. As a Stripe Merchant, we never get to see your card details they are only sent, securely encrypted, to Stripe.

You will notice that the address of this site includes ‘https’, this means that all communication between you computer or device and the Electacourse website is encrypted – even if you complete a review or contact us.

How do I return an item?

Please see <a href=”https://electacourse.com/about/shipping-returns-refunds/”>Shipping, returns and refunds</a>

What if my purchase is faulty?

Please see <a href=”https://electacourse.com/about/shipping-returns-refunds/”>Shipping, returns and refunds</a>

When will I receive my order?

Software and Download Questions

How to download my files?

Electacourse download products are supplied either as PDF documents or as computer Apps.

  1. PDF documents
    Click on the download link. All browsers support PDF. The file will load directly into your browser.VERY IMPORTANT – Once the file has loaded into your browser, use the browser controls (or Right-Click your mouse) and save the file to your preferred location on your computer.Next time you want to view your PDF document, click on it from the location you saved it at on your computer.

    Only click on the download link again if you are sure your file has not been downloaded. The download link will only allow you to click on it 3 times before it expires.

    Here is a Step-by-Step Guide for PDF downloads on PC for Chrome users

    Here is a YouTube video for PDF Downloads to iPad or iPhone

    Please ensure you save the PDF documents and download files to a KNOWN location on your hard drive, such as ‘my documents’ or ‘desktop’

  2. Apps
    All Electacourse Apps are for Windows or MAC computers only, they will not run on iPads, Android tablets or ChromeBooks.
    Follow these instructions:
    Google Chrome download instructions
    Windows may warn you that you are downloading a file which might harm your computer. No Electacourse file has any virus. If asked, select the option which allows you to download the file – or if already downloaded, the option to run the app. If you are using another browser, the download steps are very similar to those used by Chrome.
    Apple MAC Safari download instructions
    Your Apple MAC computer may have a security setting which prevents you from downloading applications. You will need to go to your systems security settings to allow downloads.

Also please DO NOT ‘run’ or ‘open’ from the download link, you need to ‘SAVE’ the files.

I can’t find my download on my computer, what can I do?

If your download is recent, you may have either ‘run’ the download from the download link, rather than ‘saving’ it to your computer. Also, if you did not use the ‘Browse’ button when downloading, your download may have been saved to a temporary folder on your PC or MAC
Popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE Explorer, Edge and Safari have a ‘Gear’ or ‘Options’ buttons – generally in the top right corner. Click to find location of your download.

How to get my download onto my iPad (or Android tablet)

Only Electacourse products which are formatted as PDF documents, can be read on iPads and Android tablets.

If you have not already downloaded your files:

  1. From your email programme on your iPad/tablet, click the download link and the PDF will open in your tablet. You can then save that file to your iBooks app (iPad) or Google Play Books app (Android).

If you have already downloaded your files to your PC or MAC:

There are many different ways of transferring to your iPad/tablet.

  1. A simple way would be to email the file to yourself as an attachment and open that email on your tablet, then save the file as about.
  2. If you do not have your email on your tablet, then there are many solutions available on the internet. Take the following links:

Link: Transfer files to my iPad

Link: Transfer files to my Android tablet

Important Note: The Electacourse Exam Simulator apps are designed only for PC and MAC computers. They will not run on iPads or Android tablets. We are in the process of rebuilding these apps as online tests, keep coming back to this site to see if your app has yet become available online.

My anti-virus software is stopping my software running, why is this ?

Please be assured that all our software is virus free and has been checked by commercial grade Kaspersky Anti-Virus software.
Please also add the software to your anti-virus ‘Trusted’ or ‘Safe’ programs list.

I can’t find my subscription

If you have signed up for access to one of our online subscription services you will find the link to your active Membership of your online service(s) on the Dashboard page of ‘My Account’. You will need to login with your username and password.

If there is no link to a Membership please check your subscription is still active from the Subscriptions page in ‘My Account’

My software is asking for an Activation Key, where can I get one?

IET and other bodies regularly make significant changes to Regulations. In line with these changes, Electacourse invest heavily to update our products to keep them relevant to the current regulations for new customers. Because of this, purchased versions of the products should be studied soon after purchase. Depending on the rate and timing of regulatory change products can quickly become out of date. If regulations change within 6 months of purchase we provide affected replacement products free of charge.
For purchases older than this, which includes any simulator requiring activation, we regret that because of its age it is no longer supported. We offer generous discounts to customers wishing to update previously purchased products. Please contact us with your request.
If your software requiring a password is a PDF document, please check your ‘IMPORTANT PURCHASE INFORMATION’ email to retrieve your password. Contact us if you have mislaid this email.


I am interested in becoming an electrician – what qualifications do I need?

Please see our blog article – Becoming an Electrician