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Electrical Training Options

Electrical training options are dependent on your final ambitions and your current status. Broadly, there are two principle final ambitions:

Domestic Installer

This qualification restricts electricians to undertaking a limited range of work only in the domestic environment: electrical installations in homes and flats. There is some expectation that this qualification may be withdrawn, but at present it remains.

You can read about Domestic Installers by taking this link

Fully qualified electrician

As a fully qualified electrician, you are able to choose to work in domestic, commercial and industrial installations. With the right qualifications there are no limits on the nature of electrical installation work which can be undertaken

Most of this website at is devoted to providing information of use to people aiming to become fully qualified electricians.

What are the routes to becoming a Fully Qualified Electrician?

The routes to becoming a fully qualified electrician are dependent on your current status. Take the links to learn more.

School Leaver aged between 16 and 19

The main routes for school leavers are to become an apprentice or to directly to a college of further education and enrol on an electrical installation course.

Experienced electrician wanting to become qualified

There are many electrical qualifications available, most of them provided by City & Guilds. You have older qualifications and just need to get yourself recertified with AM2

Career change

You may or may not be employed and may or not have experience in electrical or building services industries.

If you have no experience, then your route might be to try for Domestic Installer. On qualification you will be restricted to doing house and flat electrics only. You will not be able to work in industrial or commercial premises.

I have you have some electrical experience, you may choose to requalify as a fully qualified electrician. In this case, the NVQ route is your option – either at a College or at a Training Provider

You are from overseas

For some countries there is an established equivalent framework which matches your qualifications against UK qualifications. The ten countries for which this framework applies are: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands. 

Notice this framework is not related to UK’s membership (or not) of the EU

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