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Changing career to become an electrician

Adult career change

If you are seeking adult training for your electrical qualifications you’ll find several options depending on your situation. You may be in one of the following circumstances: seeking to retrain with an employer, seeking to retrain without an employer, or gaining qualifications as an experienced worker in the electrician field. No matter what your personal situation, there is an adult training option that is likely to meet your needs. Here are the most popular ways to obtain your electrical qualifications.

With an Employer

If you want to retrain with an employer, you need to ensure that your employer does at least two of the following types of work: industrial, commercial and domestic. This is necessary to ensure your training will follow established training routes and JIB registration. In order to gain the JIB register of electricians, you’ll generally need to meet the following electrician qualifications:

City and Guilds 2357 Certificate in Electrotechnology

This 2357 course contains 9 Practical & Theory training units. It includes both workshop and classroom learning

NVQ 2357

The NVQ is tested using onsite assessments; the assessor comes to your workplace to assess how you’re progressing. The NVQ requires you to cover site safety, diagnosis and correction of electrical faults, provide technical and functional information, preparation and installation of wiring systems, wiring enclosures and equipment, safe connection of wiring systems and the inspection, testing and commission of an electrical installation.

AM2 practical assessment

As an adult student, you may also wish to consider home study electrician courses which can provide some very relevant electrician qualifications in a quick and convenient home study format.

Without an Employer

Seeking out a JIB registered employer would be beneficial; you may have luck finding one simply by work of mouth, the phone book, and/or Internet job sites.

If employers know that you’re currently studying to gain electrical qualifications, they may offer electrician’s mates rates or adult trainee rates. You can gain your electrical qualifications on evening or day release, giving you the flexibility that you need as an adult student.

It’s recommended that you gain the City and Guilds 2365 Level 2 and Level 3 electrical qualifications. These theoretical knowledge units can be transferred into the 2357 when you gain an employer. Though these qualifications alone won’t guarantee you a job as an electrician, they’ll save you valuable time if you’re able to gain an employer later on. Simply having these electrician qualifications is sometimes enough to convince an employer that you’re worth hiring on a trial basis so that you may complete your NVQ.

Experienced but unqualified worker in the electrical industry

If you’re an experienced electrical worker but don’t have your electrical qualifications, you should still determine whether your employer does at least two of the following types of work: industrial, commercial and/or residential.

This is necessary to complete an established training route and gain JIB registration.

Joining the JIB register of qualified electricians is strongly recommended for electrical workers. It will allow you to be graded, and gaining further experience and electrical qualifications will enable you to achieve Approved Electrician status. Simply being graded and assessed at AM2 may be sufficient for qualification.

If your employer meets the JIB requirements, you’ll need to source a local college or training program that offers the following qualifications: City and Guilds 2357 Certification Levels 2 and 3, NVQ 2357 and the AM2.


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