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Electrical Qualifications

How to become a UK Qualified Electrician

To understand which qualifications are required to become an electrician in the UK can be confusing for those already practicing, for electrical engineers and especially for those hoping to start out in the electrical industry

Electacourse and aims to simplify, explain and de-mystify electrical qualifications and answer the many questions we receive concerning the qualification requirements to become an electrician.

Fully qualified electricians are amongst the highest paid of the skilled trades, with even the lowest paid earning more than the total average UK salary. The average salary in the UK in 2013 for electricians was between £27k and £40K. Most domestic electricians are self-employed and earn much more than £40K and have the additional benefits of managing their own time and managing their tax affairs efficiently.

The UK economy is robust with a very strong building services and construction industries. With increasing requirements for domestic and industrial customers to consider climate change issues, there is no better time to consider qualifying as an electrician. It is estimated that over the next ten years there will be demand for in excess of 150,000 new electricians in the UK (ref Summit Skills).

Obtaining the right qualifications have never been more important for today’s electrician in order to illustrate competency, and whether you become qualified via home study or via a college or training centre, we hope you explore our website to gain further information on what may be the best route for you to take.

Take a look around the Electrical Qualifications section of the Electacourse website and hopefully you will get some guidance on how to qualify and become employed in the UK as an electrician.

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