About the Inspection & Testing course

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Who is this course for

Electrical Contractors, apprentices and students

The course is aimed at electricians who have not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying and now require update training either to understand how the industry has moved on or in preparation for further qualifications.

This course has been designed to be used for apprentice or electrical installation training, primarily for students who are already enrolled on training programme at an FE College or training company. If you are undertaking self-study this course gives you a solid background in single-phase, low voltage electrical inspection and testing.

This course does not cover low voltage, 3-phase electrical inspection and testing.

Domestic Installers

The course also contains material suitable for those with limited experience of initial verification of electrical installations – such as those who wish to practice as domestic installers (some of the material in this course is similar to that in the Electacourse Part P Course).

What does this course replace?

This course is a replacement for 2394 and 2395.

The new qualifications for which this course covers the theoretical elements of the syllabus are:

  • 2391-50 Level 3 Award in Initial Verification
  • 2391-51 Level 3 Award in Periodic Inspection and Testing
  • 2391-52 Level 3 Award in Inspection and Testing

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