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Each year there are electrical accidents in over 50,000 rented properties throughout the UK. The accidents cause injury, fire and death. For many of these accidents, the landlord has responsibility and is exposed to the risk of financial penalties and criminal prosecution. This course will help landlords manage this risk

Electrical accident statistics

Electricity is a poorly understood hazard and every year in the UK

  • more than 350,000 people suffer serious injuries from electrical accidents[i]
  • 12,000 house fires are due to electrical malfunction and misuse[ii]

This means that each year in the rental sector over 50,000 properties and over 100,000 tenants in the UK have experienced electrical problems that could have been prevented. In these properties, landlords may be responsible for 10 deaths

A recent study by Electrical Safety First (ESF, previously Electrical Safety Council) shows a significant number of landlords are ignorant about their electrical safety obligations. As a result, landlords are exposing tenants to the dangers of electrical accidents, fires and death. ESF found that 1.7 million private renters have reported electrical concerns that were either ignored by their landlords or were acted upon too slowly[iii].

Landlord risk

e300-L1.1All who are involved professionally and semi-professionally in
managing rental and Buy to Let properties will take out landlord insurance. Good insurance policies will specifically reference landlords’ liabilities with respect to the
Defective Premises Act 1972. However this is not the only legislation which applies to landlords electrical responsibilities. But even with insurance, no policy will cover landlord’s exposure to criminal negligence.

Later in this course we will cover all the laws and regulations which apply to rental and Buy to Let properties with respect to your electrical responsibilities.

What you will learn in this course

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the different hazards of electricity and their consequences
  • Understand why it is necessary to maintain electrically safe rental properties for the tenants
  • Explain the basics of domestic electrical systems and the features of the protective devices required for electrical safety
  • Know the simple guidelines and precautions required to ensure an electrically safe property
  • Elaborate on the procedures needed to maintain electrical equipment and installations
  • Understand the principles and process of periodic electrical inspection
  • Understand Portable Appliance Testing
  • Know a bit about electricity and electrical terms

End of Course Certificate

On completion of the course you will be tested on your understanding of the lessons and topics covered. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion when you achieve the 70% pass mark in the end of course test.

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