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Earn money as an Electrical Equipment Tester (EET)

Up to date to the 5th Edition of the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, this easy-to-follow course is designed for managers, electricians, technicians and users. You might be employed as an electrician and want to add another skill. Perhaps you are self-employed and are looking to earn some extra money. Or maybe you are buyer and seller of electrical goods and lamps on your own part or for a charity and want to do your own Electrical Equipment testing.

The 5th Edition of the Code of Practice has some significant changes to previous editions. A particularly noteworthy change is the inclusion of some fixed electrical equipment in the Code. For this reason, the naming of the activity and qualification has changed.

Previously known as Portable Appliance (PAT Testing) the activity has now become Electrical Equipment Testing (EET).

Going forward we will be referring to the testing of electrical equipment as EET  Testing, or sometimes to maintain familiarity EET Testing (PAT).

The course outlines a recommended maintenance plan based on a straightforward, inexpensive system of user checks, formal visual inspection and testing.

Once you have completed your study you can undertake an online test of your understanding in preparation for taking City & Guilds Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Testing (2377-77).

You will have the theoretical knowledge to support your practice as a competent EET (PAT) tester.

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