Part 8 – Appendices

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List of appendices

1: British Standards Referenced by the Regulations

2: Statutory Regulations and Associated Memoranda

3: Time / Current Characteristics of Overcurrent Protective Devices and Residual Current Devices

4: Current-Carrying Capacity and Voltage Drop for Cables and Flexible Cords

5: Classification of External Influences

6: Model Forms for Certification and Reporting.

7: Harmonized Cable Core Colours

8: Current-Carrying Capacity and Voltage-Drop for Busbar Trunking and Powertrack Systems

9: Definitions — Multiple Source, D.C. and Other Systems

10: Protection of Conductors in Parallel Against Overcurrent

13: Methods for Measuring the Insulation Resistance/Impedance of Floors & Walls to Earth or to the Protective Conductor System

14: Determination of Prospective Fault Current

15: Ring and Radial Final Circuit Arrangements

16: Devices for protection against overvoltage

17: Energy efficiency


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