Chapter 11 – Outside the scope of the Regulations

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Installations that are excluded from BS 7671:

  1. Systems for the distribution of electricity to the public
  2. Railway traction equipment, rolling stock and signalling equipment
  3. Equipment of motor vehicles, except those to which the requirements of the Regulations concerning caravans or mobile units are applicable
  4. Equipment on board ships covered by BS 8450
  5. Equipment of mobile and fixed offshore installations
  6. Equipment of aircraft
  7. Those aspects of mines and quarries specifically covered by Statutory Regulations
  8. Radio interference suppression equipment, except so far as it affects safety of the electrical installation
  9. Lightning protection of buildings covered by BS 6651
  10. Those aspects of lift installations covered by BS 5655 and BS EN 81-1
  11. Electrical equipment of machines
  12. Electric fences
  13. The DC side of cathodic protection systems complying with the relevant part(s) of listed standards

Statutory Control and Installation Requirements

In general, the Regulations are non-statutory; however, they can be used as evidence to claim compliance with a statutory requirement. The statutory requirements that the BS 7671 support are listed in Appendix 2 of the Regulations, according to their application.


For installations in premises over which a licensing or other authority exercises a statutory control, the requirements of that authority shall be ascertained and complied with in the design and execution of the installation.

Chapter 12 – Objects and effects

This is a short chapter which is unlikely to prompt any questions in 2382-18. This chapter introduces the structure of the rest of the Regulations. It does contain the important note that if the designer deviates from any part of the Regulations, the resulting degree of safety is not less than that obtained by compliance with the Regulations.