Part 1 – Scope, Object and Fundamental Principles

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The aim of this short lesson is to give an understanding of Part 1 of the Regulations, you will learn which are the critical elements of Part 1

Part 1 serves as an introduction to the regulations and outlines very general guidelines for the requirements for installations. This first Part is not as exacting as the rest of the regulations, but it lays a very good foundation for the way that all installers and designers should think.

The chapters included in Part 1 are

Ch 11     Scope – Range and exclusions of installation. Lists installations which are in scope for BS7671 and which are out of scope and covered by other regulations.

Ch 12     Objects and effects – Materials, precautions and effects standards (information about this chapter is included at the end of topic Chapter 11 – Outside the scope..)

Ch 13     Fundamental principles – Workmanship, overcurrent, earth leakage, isolation and switching, inspection and testing


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