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A quick introduction on how to study this 18th Edition Online Course.

Different people learn in different ways. This course is structured to enable you to go through the material in whichever way you want, but there are two main ways in which people study successfully:

  1. Learning by order
  2. Learning by questions

Learning by order

This is the traditional method of learning. A subject is presented in a particular order and  new information is presented as the student works through the course. By the end of the course, the student will have accumulated the knowledge required to understand the subject. This 18th Edition Online Course is laid out in this way. If you like this traditional structure, just click through from one lesson and topic to the next, and read and understand the material as it is presented.

Learning by questions

This method takes on a style of learning which some people consider is backwards. Start learning by doing the 2382 Practice Questions at the end of this course. Once you have completed the first practice test, you will get a report of correct and incorrect answers.

By viewing questions which you have answered incorrectly you will now have some understanding of what you don’t know. For some learners this is sufficient and enables them to direct their study toward the unknown material. All the answers have reference to where the correct answer is, you can then go back and learn that material. You can then do the 2382 Practice Questions again and again until you are achieving the target mark of 80%

Exam preparation

Everyone studying this course should pay particular attention to the lesson Secrets for Exam Success. No matter how important the material and practice tests are, you can be let down by approaching and undertaking the exam in the wrong way. Knowing good exam technique is critically important to your success.



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