18th Edition A2:2022 Update Course

This 18th Edition Amendment 2:2022 Update Course brings you up to date on the important changes introduced into the Wiring Regulations BS7671 A2:2022 published in March 2022.

You can use this course to keep yourself up to date with changes in the Wiring Regulations or in combination with the current 18th Edition Online Course, prepare yourself for the new City & Guilds 2382-22 exam.

Included in this course is information on all the major updates including changes to Definitions, Parts 4 and 5 and Appendices. Also included is complete information about the regulations which deal with the concept of prosumer electrical installations. All this information is contained in the new Part 8 of BS7671 A2:2022.

Prosumer is a relatively new word to the English language. The word is formed from the combination of the two words producer and consumer.

In the context of the electrical installation industry a prosumer is both a producer and consumer of electricity. For instance a householder with solar panels that supply energy to their home is a prosumer whether or not the installation feeds into the National Grid.

Included in this course is an 18th Edition A2:2022 2382-22 Practice Exam which includes new questions you will find in the actual City & Guilds 2382-22 exam.

For those who have not studied with us before, we are including our unique exam preparation material.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for electricians, electrical engineers and anyone involved in the electrical industry who wish to become informed about these major changes in the 18th Edition.

Your motivation for taking this course may be

  1. to incorporate understanding of Amendment 2 into your work as an electrician and electrical engineer
  2. to prepare yourself for the City & Guilds 2382-22 exam


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