Introduction to Amendment 3

Amendment 2 - no longer applies from July 2015
Amendment 3 – Published January 2015, came into effect July 2015

What is BS7671 Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition?

Known by its shorthand name of 17th Edition, BS7671 Wiring Regulations is of critical importance to electricians and to all who work in the electrical industry in the UK. All new electrical installations need to conform to the requirements of the British Standard 7671:2008 as detailed in the 17th Edition including Amendments 1, 2 and now Amendment 3 of the requirements. The 17th Edition is the essential source of reference for low voltage electrical installations in the UK. It is the foundation of knowledge for electrical contractors and installers.

As its name implies, the 17th Edition is just the latest update of the Wiring Regulations, whose first edition was published over a hundred years ago in 1881. This most recent edition of the wiring regulations, the 17th Edition, was published in June 2008 as BS7671:2008. In July 2011, Amendment 1 to the regulations was published under a green cover and came into force in January 2012. A Corrigendum including reference to Medical Locations was published in June 2013, Amendment 2 which included requirements relating to Electric Vehicle charging became available in August 2014.

Amendment 3, published in January 2015, is a major update to the 17th Edition. All UK electrical professionals need to understand the nature of the changes introduced in Amendment 3.

Aim of this 17th Edition Amendment 3 Course

This course will explain all the changes introduced by Amendment 3. We will include examples of how the changes in Amendment 3 differ from the regulations you have become familiar with in Amendment 2. The course will provide information on the new regulations which are being introduced by Amendment 3.

To make the changes in the Yellow Book, Amendment 3 clear, we have included visual references to the original regulation as it appeared in the Green Book.

Regulations which applied to Amendment 2, Green Book are highlighted in Green, the new regulations which apply to Amendment 3, Yellow Book are highlighted in Cream.

By example:

Old Regulation number or name

This area highlighted in green contains the original regulation as it appears in the Green Book, the existing regulations and which will no longer be applicable from July 2015

New Regulation number or name

This area highlighted in cream contains the new regulation in Amendment 3, Yellow Book.



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