Maths for Electricians

Maths for Electricians will teach you the maths you need to practice as an electrician in the UK. This course is for students and electricians. You might be planning to enter the trade or you have been working for years and just want a refresher.

Maths has a reputation for being a difficult and complex. Some maths is difficult, but the maths we use as electricians is mostly OK. In any case we all use maths every day: maths helps us calculate if that two-for-one offer is really good value; we work out how long it will take us to drive somewhere. In Maths for Electricians we will use similar maths but apply it to our learning and work as electricians.

In this course we are going to start at the beginning, there is no need to have a GCSE in maths to get started. If the early topics are too easy for you, just skip them and jump to lessons and topics further on in the course. Every lesson comes with questions for you to practice what you have learnt.

17th Edition Amendment 3 Update Course

Free update course for 17th Edition Amendment 3. This course is designed to bring you up to date with the new amendments to the 17th Edition, none of the accrediting bodies are examing 17th Amendment 3 alone (unlike they were for Amendment 1).

17th Edition Course

This 17th Edition Course teaches you how to pass the City & Guilds 2382-15 exam. The course explains the structure and history of BS7671 Wiring Regulations and takes you through the parts of the 17th Edition regulations which come up most frequently in the exam. Throughout the course there are tests which help you build confidence in your ability to find your way around the regulations and ensure success in the 17th Edition exam.