18th Edition South Coast Special

Recently at Electacourse we were approached by an enterprising group of Bournemouth electricians who wanted to get 18th Edition qualified but also wanted the convenience of taking the exam locally.

In partnership with JLS Electrical Training, Electacourse have the perfect solution for this requirement.  We enrolled six electricians onto the 18th Edition Online Course. And after a period of study online with Electacourse including use of the 2382-18 Online Practice tests, the six electricians were ready to take the City & Guilds 2382-18 exam.

We booked a large meeting room at a convenient local hotel, JLS Training set up the exam room and invigilated the candidates as they sat the 2382-18 exam.

All six candidates passed with an average mark of over 80% with one candidate just missing 60 out of 60 by one question!

Feedback from the electricians was excellent:

The online course was well structured and informative. The exams at the end of the chapters were very helpful.

I would not hesitate recommending Electacourse for online training. Fitting in time to study around work was really helpful. Far better than tying up time at college.
Craig B

Feedback wise from speaking to the guys during the course everything was positive, the online course was good and the ‘motivational’ emails from yourself gave us a kick to get on with it! Overall the online course was well structured and easy to work through and it did what is was supposed to because we all passed so I think the results speak for themselves.

Overall a great experience and we will be recommending it to everyone.
Phil M

Electacourse and JLS Training can deliver a custom 18th Edition exam experience for any group of electricians or a company, at a location of your choice anywhere in the UK. Generally, the minimum number required to make it work at a very competitive price is 6 candidates. Contact us for more information – contact@electacourse.com, or use the form on our website at Electacourse.com.

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