18th Edition Briefing – January 2018

The IET timeline to the publication in July 2018 of Wiring Regulations BS7671:2018 18th Edition remains on track.

We know a lot about what to expect but until the national committee JPEL/64 completes its process, nothing is confirmed.

18th Edition changes and additions

Chapter 41 – Protection against electric shock

Significant changes are proposed throughout this chapter. Of particular note are: Regulation 411.3.1.2 which will reference identification of insulating inserts on domestic service pipes. Regulation 411.3.4 will mandate RCD protection for all new luminaires.

Chapter 42 – Protection against thermal effects

Installation of arc fault detection devices to mitigate risk of fire

Chapter 44 – Protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances

Changes to specific sections and critically a requirement for risk assessment to be performed in order to determine if protection against transient overvoltage is required.

Chapter 46 – Devices for isolation and switching

This chapter which was removed after the 16th Edition, reappears. This chapter will  cover the requirements for the functions of isolation, functional switching (control), auxiliary circuits, motor control, switiching off for mechanical maintenance and emergencies, which are currently in Section 537. The requires for the devices relating to these functions will remain in Section 537.

Part 5 – Selection and Erection of Equipment

Complete revision of Chapter 53 to cover protection, isolation, switching, control, monitoring and overvoltage. Changes to protection against overvoltage, earthing arrangements, protective conductors and other equipment including ground-recessed luminaires. In response to European practice, upgraded Regulation 542.2.3 will recommend foundation earthing systems.

Part 6 – Inspection and testing

Completely restructured to align with CENELEC standards

Part 7 – Special installations or locations

A large number of small changes in many sections in particular 704 Construction sites, 708 Caravan/Camping parks, 721 Caravans, 722 Electric Vehicle Charging, 753 Floor and Ceiling Heating and the new section 730 Onshore Units – this unit will apply to onshore installations supplying inland navigation vessels – whose power requirements are significantly greater than those of vessels covered in 709 Marinas

Part 8 – Energy Efficiency

A major new addition to the Wiring Regulations to support the worldwide requirement to reduce the consumption of energy and how electrical installations can contribute to this effort, effectively and safely.

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