2391 Inspection and Testing is back!

But what about 2394/2395?

Do not be alarmed if you already have the 2394/2395 qualifications or if you are still studying for them. These qualifications continue alongside the new 2391 and will be taught and examined up to August 2018; and of course the 2394 and 2395 qualifications will continue to be recognised by industry and employers.

The 2394 and 2395 qualifications have acquired a deserved reputation as high quality evidence of advanced electrical verification, inspection and testing skills. That said, many will agree that the examination method for 2394 and 2395 has not been easy or efficient – quarterly written exams with hard-to-schedule resits is costly and time-consuming for examination centres and for candidates. We don’t know if this is the reason behind the change, but we are sure it must have been taken into account by City & Guilds when taking the decision to introduce the new 2391 qualification.

The new 2391 qualifications

The new inspection and testing qualifications are to be known as 2391-50, 2391-51 and 2391-52. Each qualification will be assessed by a multiple choice eVolve exam and an assignment including a practical assessment and a short written paper exam.

The qualifications are active from now, June 2017; training centres and FE colleges will soon have them available for study. Electacourse are have commissioning expert tutors to write material for 2391-50, 2391-51 and 2391-52. We have a range of material for:

  • Electricians and other candidates planning to take the qualification, or
  • Training centres and colleges who require classroom and teaching material (complete this form to tell us your requirements)

Full range of material here.

2391-50 Level 3 Award in Initial Verification

This qualification is aimed at domestic installers. Currently domestic installers have no formal requirement for initial verification. This award addresses this omission in skills and qualification. Assessed by a 40 question multiple choice test and two practical assignments involving verification skills on a test rig and a short written paper exam.

2391-51 Level 3 Award in Periodic Inspection & Testing

This award is designed for completing apprentices and engineers who need only periodic assessment. For apprentices and engineers who have completed the 2357 apprenticeship and will have been assessed on Initial Verification, it is not required for them to be assessed again. Assessed by a 40 question multiple choice test and three practical assignments involving visual photo exercise, inspection skills on a test rig and a short written paper exam.

2391-52 Level 3 Award in Inspection & Testing

This qualification is for practising electricians who want both disciplines – periodic and initial. Assessed by a 60 question multiple choice test and three practical assignments involving visual photo exercise, inspection skills on a test rig and a short written paper exam.

Full range of 2391 training and support material >


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