2394 and 2395 June 2017 exams – be prepared

Pass rates for 2394 and 2395 have picked up since the very poor results of December 2016. For the last set of exams for which the examiners have provided data is February 2017, the pass rate for 2394 is up to 68% well above the historical average. The pass rate for 2395 is 76%, the second highest ever.

For all of you who are taking your inspection and testing exams next week these results should give you confidence that the trend is in the right direction.

Reviewing the examiner’s report, we continue to see the comment: ‘A large number of candidates failed to read the questions and scenario carefully’ . This is Exam Technique 101. Unless you read the question correctly, it is not possible to answer it correctly. 

Again, and again, Electacourse see the examiners reporting that candidates repeatedly making the same errors. In the Electacourse products 2394 and 2395 Written Exam Guidance Notes, we go into detail about how to pass these exams and in another post we will highlight the most common errors seen by the examiners. In the meantime, by far the most common errors seen by examiners are:

2394 Common Errors

  1. Candidates use the term ‘live’ rather than ‘line and interchange the terms when describing test procedures
  2. Inability to list the three documents that must be completed and handed to the client on completion of an initial verification of an installation
  3. Candidates are only reading part of the question – this is simple to resolve with good exam technique (covered in our previous post)

2395 Common Errors

  1. Candidates need to be aware of the requirement to show calculations and descriptions to demonstrate their conclusions when answering questions
  2. Candidates are not sufficiently familiar with the items they are to consider, inspect and record. Familiarity will greatly improve both candidates understanding of the inspection process and their success in any related questions
  3. Candidates repeatedly seem to forget that 2395 is an examination of periodic inspection and not initial verification

Falling Candidate numbers

Our last report on candidate numbers suggested the continuing decline of candidates for the 2394 and 2395 may be related to Brexit. This may be true, we can all see the difficulties firms are having in recruiting electricians and the European route is quite slow now, but talking with our contacts, it looks like there may be a different reason.

There seems to be a lack of confidence in the 2394 and 2395 qualifications. We hear chatter that employers continue to not completely understand the qualification. We know this is nonsense. The 2394 and 2395 are high quality Level 3 qualifications which enable electricians to demonstrate their skills in initial verification, inspection and testing. But could the chatter be putting off candidates?

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