Electacourse Affiliate Programme

When you promote our products on your site, your visitors will have access to top quality courses and training material from an industry leader and a brand they trust.

Earn Commission

As an Electacourse affiliate, you earn with every qualifying sale your site refers. Better placement of ads leads to increased sales on electacourse.com meaning you earn more money

Fast and Easy

Electacourse will provide you with all the tools necessary to make money with the Electacourse affiliate programme. Simply place the banners and logos we can provide at your request on your site and we will manage the order, course registration, product download and billing. All you do is sit back and receive payment.

Monitor Your Success

Online reporting is offered through the Electacourse website allowing you to track the real-time effectiveness of your affiliate site

It’s Free

Joining the Electacourse affiliate programme costs you nothing. No hidden fees. No follow-up charges

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