Scope of BS7671

To know the scope of BS7671 Wiring Regulations is essential for anyone working as an electrician in the UK. The 17th edition of BS7671 Wiring Regulations does not cover every field of electrical installation. It is important that electricians know which areas are covered by BS7671 and which areas are not.

Out of scope for BS7671

It is not possible to define in a single sentence the scope of BS7671 Wiring Regulations but if the following apply, it is likely to be not covered by BS7671 and specialist knowledge and qualifications are required to undertake work on the installation:

  • The circuit voltage is greater than 1,000 VAC, or 1,500 VDC
  • The installation is related to machines (aircraft, boats, vehicles, trains, industrial equipment, lifts)
  • Mines and quarries
  • Distribution of electricity, lightning conductors, electric fences


Scope of BS7671

Electrical installations which the public come into contact as part of their normal day to day activities are generally within the scope of BS7671.


  • Residential, commercial, public, industrial and agricultural premises
  • Caravans, prefabricated buildings, fairgrounds, marinas, building sites
  • External lighting, roadside equipment and lighting
  • Low voltage systems
  • Medical locations
  • Photovoltaic systems

It is important that all electricial contractors have a good understanding of the scope of all wiring regulations and that if your skills, experience and qualifications are limited to BS7671 Wiring Regulations, you bring in qualified contractors for work not covered by BS7671. In general, the Regulations are non-statutory; however, they can be used as evidence to claim compliance with a statutory requirement and non-compliance can lead to serious legal consequences.

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