Electacourse Brexit Statement

Electacourse are a leading provider of electrical training for people wishing to work as electricians in the UK.  Following the recent referendum on EU membership, the situation currently remains the same and there is no change to the Electacourse role or mission.

Electacourse will continue to monitor the situation closely by working with trade organisations and expert tutors and lecturers in the UK and Europe, but our current expectation is that very little will change from a training point of view.

Before the UK joined the European Union, the country welcomed skilled workers from all over the world including Europe. It is anticipated that the strong demand from businesses in the UK for electricians will continue and that freedom of movement for UK and European citizens will continue as it has done for over 70 years.

Wages for skilled and qualified electricians continues to rise in the UK to the benefit of both British citizens and skilled electricians from elsewhere in the world.

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