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2346 - Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification




Be recognised for your skills and knowledge

2346 – Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification

Course Overview

Don’t currently have your Level 3 NVQ in the Electrotechnical Trade?

Do you have 5 years or more industry experience?

Do you want to be recognised for your experience?

The Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA), otherwise known as Experienced Worker Qualification may be the right choice for you.

If you currently do not hold any qualifications, or you wish to gain recognition for your overseas qualification, the Experienced Worker Assessment is designed to recognise you for your skills, knowledge and competency at the NVQ Level 3 trade level.

We understand how difficult it can be to get recognised with experience or overseas qualifications. We have helped hundreds of people each year achieve the outcomes they deserve and to be recognised for what they do. GB Construction Training is experienced at the recognition process both from UK experience and Overseas Qualifications.

How can I get my Gold Card?

Once you have completed this qualification and have successfully passed the AM2E practical assessment, you are able to apply for a JIB Grading and ECS Installation Electrician Gold Card.

Pre-requisite/entry Requirements

Please use our Free Eligibility Tool and we will get in touch for a Free consultation

You will need to meet the following to be approved for enrolment.

  • 5 Years relevant work experience
  • Be either Self Employed or an Employee, or if recently unemployed, access to a live workplace
  • 18th Edition Certificate Completion – If you don’t have this don’t worry. We can help you with this
  • 2391 Inspection and Testing completion – If you don’t have this don’t worry. We can help you with this

 This qualification is not suitable for applicants with less than 5 years or new entrants in the electrotechnical industry. Complete our Free Eligibility Tool Talk to us about your eligibility.

Assessment is based on a portfolio of evidence, submitted by the candidate. This should demonstrate whether or not, the candidate has met the performance requirements. Our assessors will work with you to your pathway to success. To gain the full qualification, you must meet all of the criteria.

Complete our free assessment

2346 Experienced Worker Assessment – FREE Eligibility Tool

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STEP 1: Skills Scan and Background

The Skills Scan is an initial assessment of your skills, knowledge and experience. This is not a test. The document is designed for our assessors to understand your circumstances, experienced and understanding of the electrotechnical trade. The Skills Scan will be used by your assessor, when discussing your eligibility for the programme and pathways to success. The Candidate Background is completed once you have undertaken the Skills Scan. Normally we issues these two documents at the same time. Both documents will be used by our qualified assessors when holding the initial consultation with you.

STEP 3: Site Observation

Our assessors will work with you to arrange for a dedicated site visit(s) to view your work and gain a further understanding of your competency. This site visit also provides a further opportunity for you to answer any questions, conduct competency conversations and provide further evidence towards your portfolio.

STEP 2: Evidence Collection Portfolio

Once you have fully enrolled, our assessors will work with you in compiling the relevant information and evidence of your previous and current experience and provide support to you in the evidence collection process. They will guide you in the types of evidence and discuss the applicability of this evidence to the units of this qualification.

Undertake the free eligibility assessment to commence – CLICK HERE

STEP 4: Result

This process is not a test or an exam. It is simply the collection of evidence and we map this evidence to the unit standards. This process includes you demonstrating the knowledge and practical application of this knowledge in the workplace at the standard of Level 3 Electrotechnical Apprenticeship. Your can continue to submit evidence until you reach the final result. You have up to 18 months to achieve this process.

“Our assessors help our clients through the process”

Benefits of completing the Experienced Worker Assessment

  1. With a City & Guilds 2346 Experienced Worker Qualification, you have can be confident that you have met the Occupational Standards within the Electrotechnical Occupation.
  2. You will be recognised for your experience and qualifications you hold from any country.
  3. You will be able to choose your future career in the electrotechnical trade industry, including as an electrical engineer, or, broadening your prospects with employers and customers alike. You will instil confidence.
  4. If you wish to continue your learning, you may also consider the City & Guilds: Level 4 Award in the Design and Verification of Electrical Installations.

What will you be assessed in?

The Level 3 EWA Performance Units to be assessed before you can gain the Experienced Worker qualification are as follows:

  1. Apply Practices and Procedures for Maintenance.
  2. Apply Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations.
  3. Organise and Oversee the Electrical Work Environment.
  4. Apply Design and Installation Practices and Procedures.
  5. Terminate and Connect Conductors.
  6. Inspect, Test and Commission Electrical Systems.
  7. Apply Fault Diagnosis and Rectification.

To pass these units, you must provide evidence from a site of your previous work to demonstrate you can fully meet the performance requirements of each unit.

You will be assessed via a range of methods and an assessor will need to observe you at work on at least one occasion during the evidence gathering process.

Please note the Wiring and initial verification units aren’t examined within the 2346 – these are proxy units i.e. candidates need to take these separately and centres claim them as proxies to achieve the 2346.

Where cited legislation and regulations are not applicable (for example, where the qualification is being delivered outside of England) then substitutions applicable to the learner’s jurisdiction can be made.

What qualifications will you achieve?

City & Guilds 2346 – Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification

When you have successfully completed this qualification and passed the AM2E practical assessment you are able to apply for a JIB Grading and ECS Installation Electrician Gold Card.

Find out if you are eligible and do a Free Eligibility Assessment TODAY

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