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Inspection and Testing Written Exam Analysis – August 2016


The August 2016 cycle of the 2394 and 2395 Written Exams has recently passed.

Electacourse customers will be familiar with our regular analysis of candidates’ performance in these difficult exams. We have updated our graph to the latest data available.



From August 2014, the pass rate has generally been above 50% for both 2394 and 2395 and is stabilising around 60% pass rate for 2394 and 55% pass rate for 2395.

Reviewing the Chief Examiners Reports for each of these exams, Electacourse see candidates repeatedly making the same errors. In the Electacourse products 2394 and 2395 Written Exam Guidance Notes, we go into detail about how to pass these exams and in another post we will highlight the most common errors seen by the examiners. In the meantime, by far the most common errors seen by examiners are:

2394 Common Errors

  1. Candidates use the term ‘live’ rather than ‘line and interchange the terms when describing test procedures
  2. Inability to list the three documents that must be completed and handed to the client on completion of an initial verification of an installation
  3. Candidates are only reading part of the question – this is simple to resolve with good exam technique (covered in our previous post)

2395 Common Errors

  1. Candidates need to be aware of the requirement to show calculations and descriptions to demonstrate their conclusions when answering questions
  2. Candidates are not sufficiently familiar with the items they are to consider, inspect and record. Familiarity will greatly improve both candidates understanding of the inspection process and their success in any related questions
  3. Candidates repeatedly seem to forget that 2395 is an examination of periodic inspection and not initial verification

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